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: Tactical Vest is worn on the outside, used to increase the number of equipment to carry ammunition, with wear-resistant, light and so on. Can be worn on the body armor, but not bullet-proof vests, radio, canopy, etc., causing obstruction of equipment widely used by special forces, WarGame outdoor games are also widely used. Note that does not have bullet-proof vest tactical function. In addition to our tactical vest outside of its advanced technology and reasonable design, the durability of the material required to improve the cost of the same, in line with the requirements of equipment, its use is much higher personnel; modular structure, can be combined with existing weapons, ammunition and communications equipment, and can simply replace the module free; wear vests without affecting the helmets, bulletproof vests, personal weapons and other standards and contains hands of individual action, shooting, etc.; can match with the existing garment worn around the need to increase the size of including gloves; wear gloves for all types of military wear off when the vest; tactical vest to wear and convenient, can be adjusted to fit the state; has been repeated wearing a vest combination, simply re-align and adjust minimum; with reliability strong, durable, water resistance strong, high temperature low temperature buckle hardware parts and other accessories. strive to achieve high-quality products combat vest apron; wearing tactical vests for motor vehicles, aircraft, ships, combat vehicles, field operations and so on.
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